ASAP has provided comprehensive financial aid consulting support to private, public, and proprietary institutions of higher education. With over 30 years of experience, ASAP has a proven track record of satisfied higher education school clients.  Our services are tailored to our clients exact needs. From Title IV Compliance Support, Interim Staffing, Office Evaluations, Procedures and Training and File Review and Verification Services, ASAP seeks to provide our clients the best needed service.



Unlike other firms, ASAP is an on-going regulatory compliance consultant. This service allows ASAP to physically visit your campus and review all procedures that are currently in place, and make recommendations on what changes are necessary to become compliant. At your leisure and expense we are here to help whenever you need . Our team can visit your campus on assigned days or only when needed. Upon request of additional services your school is charged at an hourly rate or at a nominal monthly fee. This service also allows you to contact your consultant and ask questions at any time via telephone or email.  Unlike other firms, it also allows our staff to continually train your on-site staff on current and upcoming regulatory changes and implement best practices to suit your students and staff. In addition, this company can also be used with or without a third party servicer. 

Our team of highly knowledgeable educators has many years experience in developing, evaluating curriculum, instructor evaluations, mentoring, staff development and grant writing.  Our expertise in this area has been successful in improving student retention in programs as well as improving student satisfaction.  Most recently our expertise was utilized in preparing Colleges for on-site state and accreditation visits. Our team of financial aid consultants are some of the best in the field. We hope that you give us a call to see how our financial aid outsourcing services can help you manage your financial aid compliance program and related student service areas on your campus.


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