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Our History

ASAP Personnel

Chief Executive Officer/Founder- Oversees each project to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, and accreditation standards. Has over 30 years of experience in regulatory compliance to include federal financial aid, veteran's administration, and accreditation.

Chief Strategy Officer - Oversees and coordinates all ASAP training programs for developing university/college staff skills. Specializes in admissions training and advanced admissions techniques. Has 30 years of experience in admissions, coaching, staff, and leadership development skills.

Vice President of Operations - Oversees all ASAP operations between clients and students. Has over 10 years of experience in admissions and financial aid experience.

Chief Technology Officer - Manages all IT system functions for the FA360 system, security, and the production of system interfaces. Has over 15 years of IT experience.

Veterans Certifying Officer - Manages the system of processing veteran benefits for its clients. Responsible for ensuring compliance with veteran disclosures, effectively communicating with students, and receipt of documents for disbursements of VA funds. Has over 10 years of admissions, registrar, fiscal accounting, financial aid, and VA certification experience.

Senior Financial Aid Administrator - Communicates with prospective students and retrieves student documents through the FA360 system for timely disbursements of funds. Has over 30 years of financial aid experience.